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How Do You Spell Wheelchair? It’s Spelled: “F r e e d o m” – by RC Rougeux

No Comments 24 November 2009

How do you spell “wheelchair”? The answer is: F – R – E – E – D – O – M! Wheelchairs give the gift of mobility to people who are not able to get around as ably as most. That doesn’t mean that wheelchairs are only for those who have lost the use of their legs completely…on the contrary! Wheelchairs help many people get around who can walk…but walk with great difficulty.

There are a variety of reasons why you might need a wheelchair, either temporarily or permanently. Years ago, they were a rare sight as they were large contraptions that were difficult to get around in. Today, though, they have come a long way from the wooden behemoths they once were. Now, they are lightweight and very strong and are able to get into places that they once were not able to get though (such as through doors or over street curbs).

Thankfully, as wheelchairs become affordable and available to more and more people, society has become increasingly accepting and accommodating to those in wheelchairs – which includes installing ramps, widening doors, and retrofitting buildings with accessibility options. It’s far from perfect still, but they’ve come a long way! What’s more, the wheelchair user doesn’t have to rely on someone else to move them around any more. The large rear wheels are easy to roll with upper body strength, or some users prefer to have an electric wheelchair which allows them to get around with the aid of batteries powering the wheelchair and a joystick (or suck and blow straw) steering it. These advancements give the chair’s user not only the gift of mobility but also of independence!

There are many types of wheelchairs out there. Check out the availability online to see which one is right for you. You’re sure to find some within your price range and designed suitably for your lifestyle. For example, if you live in a place that gets a lot of snow in the winter, you may want a wheelchair with larger tires to push you through the snow… and perhaps coarse or knobby tires to give you traction. Or, if you have long distances to go, consider getting a wheelchair that uses a smaller rolling rail on the outside of the rear wheel, so that you don’t have to move your arms nearly as much to get the wheelchair moving. There are even wheelchairs designed for professional wheelchair racers. They are lower to the ground, lighter in weight, and have the user in a tilted racing position…it may not be comfortable for day to day use, but if you like competitive sports, it’s a popular and exciting sport and there is equipment for it.

If you need assistance with your mobility but don’t want to get a wheelchair, there are other options, including electric scooters. These are popular choices for people who do have some mobility but find longer distances to be a little more difficult. You might find that they are useful for carrying more things if, for example, you go grocery shopping.

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Hard Climb, No More – by Mart Gil Abareta

No Comments 24 November 2009

The wheelchair has become a disabled people’s best friend. It has become a part of the everyday activities of the disabled. At least, it lessens the burden and suffering that they feel whenever they’re in their wheelchairs. At least, they’re able to do the usual stuff that they do. But then, one drawback of these wheelchairs – esp. the manually-operated ones – they don’t work best in inclined places. In this instance, wheelchairs cause a rollback because they cannot be controlled well.

For your information, folks, this problem has already been solved. With the introduction of Easy Climb, our disabled loved ones will not need much effort to get through inclines. What’s with Easy Climb that it has become one of the most sought-after products in the wheelchair industry?

According to the article “Easy Climb” by Yuelin which was posted on December 30, 2004 at www.coolbusinessideas.com, Easy Climb is an incline anti-rollback system for wheelchairs, developed to fill a need for manually-operated wheelchairs to negotiate inclines without roll-back. It will allow extra freedom to wheelchair users, help to conserve their energy, increase their safety, and lower their frustration level as they negotiate inclines. An increase in self-sufficiency for wheelchair users will be obtained by using it as there will be less need for assistance when operating on inclines.

Easy Climb is a hub-mounted bi-directional, anti-rollback for manual wheelchairs. It has three- position shift lever for anti-rollback that works in forward, reverse or neutral for normal wheelchair operation. It is adaptable to almost all makes of chairs by modifying the axle attachment and fits within dimensional confines of wheelchairs. Moreover, it silent, friction- free and has a light weight.

How does Easy Climb work? Well, it operates quietly and efficiently, adds very little weight, adds small percentage to overall cost, and fits in the established confines of wheelchair design. One good thing about it is that it’s readily adaptable to wire spoke design or cast wheel and spoke design. It can also be fitted to many designs of wheelchairs by modification of axle in respect to its attachment method to the wheelchair. Quite impressive, right? Definitely!

Wow, this is really great news for all wheelchair users! Thanks to H.R. Helm, the inventor of Easy Climb. I appreciate your concern for the disabled. I know how hard it is for them to go through inclined places. Easy Climb is certainly the answer to this difficulty!

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Getting The Right Wheelchair For Your Child – by Christopher Smith

No Comments 24 November 2009

Wheelchairs come in many different shapes and sizes depending on one’s specific needs. However, choosing a child wheelchair can be tricky as there are many things you need to take in consideration; here are a few tips, which I hope will be of assistance when choosing a child wheelchair in the future.

Specific Needs Of The Child

Most importantly, when you buy a child wheelchair the specific needs of the individual child are of paramount significance. What is the child’s health? Does he or she need a lot of physical support? Or, is he or she very active? Each of these considerations will impact what type of chair is needed and what elements you include in the chair you buy.

For example, electric wheelchairs are very sophisticated. Not only are they powered by simply using a joystick or other device, but you can adjust things like seating position with the touch of a button. This is useful for a child, for example, who gets frequent pressure sores or needs to have seating adjusted frequently in order to remain comfortable. In addition, of course, the joystick feature for wheelchair operation is of paramount importance in order to give independence to a child who has limited mobility. On the other hand, for a child who has a lot of upper body mobility and does not need a lot of back or head support, a manual chair may be the best choice. Lightweight sport models are very maneuverable by hand, and can provide a very active child with the tools to participate fully in most physical activities, including sports. They are also very lightweight and easy to transport, unlike electric wheelchair models, which are heavy and cannot be easily folded and placed in a car trunk or backseat.

Be Cautious When Purchasing A Powerful Child Wheelchair

Of course, price is probably not of the most importance when you consider what type of wheelchair best suits your child. Of greater importance is the fact it meets your child’s needs as fully as possible, while providing them the most mobility they can have. For children’s wheelchairs, keep in mind that if you need to purchase a power wheelchair, the motor should be significantly powerful enough to carry the child through his or her day at adequate speeds to keep up with his or her peers, such as when they are playing or running, and without having to recharge the battery more than once per day. On the other hand, make sure your child can adequately and safely manage the wheelchair so as not to injure him or herself, or others. Just like any powered vehicle, an electric wheelchair is not a toy, and must be managed prudently to avoid injury.

Adjustable child wheelchairs would be the right investment because you will be able to adjust it as the time goes by and your child grows to a wheelchair that has more features and speed.

Purchasing A Child Wheelchair

As with any medical device, wheelchairs aren’t cheap, especially electric ones. Even manual chairs usually run approximately $2000, and electric ones are proportionately more expensive. However, if you’re not able to afford one, there are programs and/or financing available to help you purchase one that best fits your child needs regardless of financial status.

Contact a wheelchair manufactures or retailer and they will be more then happy to assist and walk you through any and all the formalities in order to get your child wheelchair as soon as possible.

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Further Expansions Underway at Colours Wheelchairs – by Dr. Gene Emmer

No Comments 24 November 2009

Colours ‘N Motion, a leading U.S. manufacturer of innovative and lightweight wheelchairs, announced that it has relocated its operations to a larger facility in Corona, California. This announcement has come only weeks after the announcement of expanded sales operations in Europe.

John Box, President of Colours ‘N Motion, said: “Colours new production site in Corona is more that twice the size of our previous facility in Anaheim and will enable us to enhance our operations”.

In December, Colours announced that it had selected Med Services Europe B.V. to build up its European distribution network. Med Services Europe will be responsible for locating, selecting and managing a distribution network in Western and Eastern Europe. European distributors of quality medical products interested in representing Colours Wheelchairs in their market are encouraged to contact Dr. Emmer, President of Med Services Europe, directly.

About Colours ‘N Motion
Colours is considered a leader in the rehabilitation industry for its design of innovative everyday, sport and pediatric wheelchairs. Colours’ wheelchairs are lightweight, adjustable and customizable. At 14.5 pounds (6.6 kg) the custom-designed Zephyr (http://www.colourswheelchair.com/products/prod_zephyr.htm) is one of the lightest wheelchairs on the market. The Boing! (http://www.colourswheelchair.com/products/prod_boing.htm) is the first wheelchair on the market with four-wheel independent suspension. Colours is disabled owned and operated. For more information: www.ColoursWheelchair.com

About Med Services Europe
Med Services Europe B.V. is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and specializes in Sales, Marketing and Business Development services for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Medical Equipment Industry. Med Services’ area of focus is Europe.

For more information: www.MedServicesEurope.com Telephone: +31648566707 (in Amsterdam)

Dr Gene Emmer is President of Med Services Europe. Med Services Europe conducts Business Development for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Medical Industry.


Dome City Developments: Wheelchair / Walker Delivery Eases Disabled Hurricane Evacuees’ Frustrations – Rotary Command Center’s North Texas Connection – by Nan Wagoner

No Comments 24 November 2009

The truck full of wheelchairs, walkers, canes and scooters that rolled into Dome City late Saturday afternoon brought with it hope of restored personal dignity to hurricane evacuees burdened with impaired mobility from injuries, disease or age. The overwhelming response to a call from Dome City’s Rotary Incident Command Center (IC) to a Bellaire Rotarian came from . . . North Texas. The ‘North Texas connection’ was activated when Bellaire Rotarian Nan Wagoner ran into trouble finding enough wheelchairs and walkers in Houston to meet Dome City’s evacuee needs and produced 38 wheelchairs, several electric scooters, nearly 150 walkers and footed canes, and other mobility devices for the victims. Houston / Dome City, Texas (PRWEB) September 14, 2005 — The truck full of wheelchairs, walkers, canes and scooters that rolled into Dome City late Saturday afternoon brought with it hope of restored personal dignity to hurricane evacuees burdened with impaired mobility from injuries, disease, or age. The overwhelming response to a call from Dome City’s Rotary Incident Command Center (IC) to a Bellaire Rotarian came from . . . North Texas. Houston Assistant Fire Chief Rick Flanagan was on hand to personally thank Pete and Sherill Berre of Wichita Falls, who drove nine hours to deliver the targeted items to the Dome’s Distribution Center in a borrowed truck. The load of wheelchairs and walkers were donated by churches and individuals in Wichita Falls, Vernon, Chillicothe, Quanah and surrounding North Texas communities. More than 3500 South Texas Rotarians provide our district with direct connections to hometowns all over the world who want to help victims of this disaster,” said Rotary IC head Suzi Howe. “In this case, because we needed mobility aids and cases of disposable gloves quickly our Bellaire Southwest club reached 500 miles north to volunteers and donors who responded in a truly amazing way,” she added. The ‘North Texas connection’ was activated when Bellaire Rotarian Nan Wagoner ran into trouble finding enough wheelchairs and walkers in Houston to meet Dome City’s evacuee needs. “I grew up in North Texas, and after Katrina hit, many long-time friends called and emailed asking how they could help us with the evacuees,” Wagoner explained. “This seemed like an excellent opportunity not only to tap into an additional relief-supply-source quickly but to give my hometown region a personal way to contribute,” she said. Berre recalled that he initially hoped that as many as five or six wheelchairs would be donated by his church. But after Wagoner contacted others from her high school graduating class who contacted area radio stations, more and more offers kept rolling in. “I couldn’t believe we ended up with 38 wheelchairs, several electric scooters, nearly 150 walkers and footed canes, and even some potty seats for the victims,” Berre said. “At least 30 people were delivering things to my house all day Friday before the drive down,” he added. Rotary internal command chief Howe was relieved she could cut red tape with the direct response from North Texas. “With our shrinking footprint as evacuees are moved out of Reliant Center, I’m glad we got these onsite in time,” she said. Houston Rotarians will man the Reliant Center IC through the expected closing of the shelter on Friday, September 16, by which time officials anticipate that most evacuees will have been transferred to less temporary shelter. President of Space Center Rotary, IC leader Howe is no stranger to producing concrete results. She was recently honored as Rotary District 5890s Assistant Governor of the Year for her work with the “Children of the Dump” in Nicaragua, and as President of Space Center Rotary she mobilized members to build park benches throughout the Clear Lake community. She serves as President of the Montessori Administrators Network for the Houston area, heads League City’s South Shore Montessori School, and as past president and current Foundation member of Armand Bayou Nature Center saw the center through hard times by bringing together community leaders to sustain the center. She will serve as this region’s Rotary District Governor in 2006-2007. Wagoner, managing counsel for Wagoner Burgert LLP law offices, recently chaired the Gulfton Immunization Initiative and in June was named Rotarian of the Year by Bellaire Southwest Rotarians. Bellaire Southwest and Space Center Rotary are two of 31,000 Rotary clubs in more than 165 countries that provide humanitarian services and promote goodwill around the globe. More information may be found for Bellaire Southwest Rotary at www.bellairesw.org, for Space Center Rotary at www.spacecenterrotary.org, and for the Rotary International organization at www.rotary.org. For more information or to request photos electronically that accompany news release, contact F. Nan Wagoner, e-mail protected from spam bots, or at 713-668-5680.

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